Dec 18, 2016

An Open Letter From Optigrab

Scene from The Get Down
As you have likely noticed in recent weeks, some of the columns on Optigrab haven't been released with a familiar regularity. This was in large part because of school. It was time consuming and I wasn't able to give the seemingly easy work a fair shake. As it stands, I have contemplated cutting certain columns entirely. But before I get into that, you may be asking yourself what I plan to do to combat this recent trend of negligence. I will tell you. I plan to alter my schedule and release only specific content on a weekly basis. It may be tough, but it's what I believe will be the best thing to do going forward.
For starters, I apologize for going days without releasing content. I feel that this was irresponsible and without open contact about why only made things worse. I assure you that the reason behind this was that my life became complicated. I had school sucking up plenty of my free time. I also have the holidays in which family has constantly been looking forward to my company. While this is all well and good, it does show in my output that I am unable to keep up with everything on here. In fact, the planned two opinion pieces per week have largely been absent because of the holidays. I apologize again for this.
So, what do I have to look forward to in the weeks ahead? For starters, I am putting Trailing Off and Alternative to What on hiatus until January. This is in large part to shift my focus to Listmania - which will still come out on the regularly scheduled dates. I also will be busy doing various columns over at The Oscar Buzz that makes additional content a little difficult. Save for the two opinion pieces, I am probably going to alter my schedule significantly in the New Year. For now, the one thing to be expected is Listmania.
I apologize again. While school and family have sucked up a lot of the time, I have also been consuming a significant amount of content in my free time. This includes movies and the more time consuming TV series. While I am convinced that I will never be caught up on everything, I do feel like it has been important to improving this year's Listmania potential. It has been worthwhile, as I promise that there will be plenty of surprises coming in the weeks ahead. My one hope is that I've seen enough good stuff to make the list as good as possible.
So while this is a rather unexciting piece, I write it mostly to share a brief update on why I have been quiet in recent weeks. While I do think that there's a chance that I will post additional content to what I've specified, I am sure that I will be busy enough to make it impossible to keep as a reasonable promise. I am hoping that I am able to meet my dates and that you enjoy the content. To be honest, I am looking forward to the week ahead. I hope you are too. Just know that there may be changes for Optigrab in the year ahead. I just don't know what specifically at this exact moment.

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