Movie Reviews


Funny People
(500) Days of Summer
District 9
Where the Wild Things Are
A Serious Man
Sherlock Holmes


A Look at: Quentin Tarantino
15 Years with Clerks
My Week with Wes Anderson


Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Youth in Revolt
The Lovely Bones
Empire Records
An Education
Cop Out
The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie
Iron Man 2
Shrek: The Final Chapter
Sex and the City 2
Get Him to the Greek
The A-Team
Toy Story 3
The Last Airbender


To Whom it May Concern: Kevin Smith
An Art Called Movie Trailers
Kick-Ass: Reality or Oxymoron?
My Favorite Animated Movies
My Life with Shrek
Oh, the Joys of Pixar
My 5 Favorite: Ellen Page
Demyfistifying Inception
10 Things About Scott Pilgrim vs. the Adaptation
Favorite Movies of 2010
25 Favorite Characters
My Official Top 20 in 2010


Sucker Punch
Your Highness
Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Midnight in Paris
The Hangover: Part II
X-Men - First Class
Super 8
Green Lantern
Larry Crowne
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
Captain America: The First Avenger
Red State
Killer Elite
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
The Ides of March
The Way
The Mighty Macs
The Human Centipede: Full Sequence
J. Edgar
My Week with Marilyn
The Sitter
I Melt With You
Young Adult


A Look at: The Green Hornet
Opinions on Animation
40 to Watch in 2011
So, The King's Speech won Best Picture
I Guess... Sucker Punch
I Guess... Hanna
I Guess... The Beaver
A Look Back on Harry Potter
Something Stolen This Way Comes
A Few Thoughts on High Fidelity
Kevin Smith's Red Dawn
In Defense of Seth Rogen
What... Too Soon?
Not Another Feet Movie
A Laugh, Riot
My Must See Movies of December


The Iron Lady
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
The Snowtown Murders
Friends with Kids
Goon (2)
Casa de mi Padre
The Hunger Games
God Bless America
Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope
The Samaritan
Apartment 143
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Bel Ami
To Rome With Love
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Ruby Sparks
The Ambassador
Nobody Walks
Sleepwalk with Me
Nature Calls
Price Check
The Comedy
Killing Them Softly


Remember the Time
Tom's Top Ten Films of 2011
And the Award for Best Title Goes to...
And the Award for Worst Title Goes to...
My Thoughts on the Best Picture Nominees
I Get It
(Do You) Get Carter
Phenomenon (Doo Do Da Doo Doo)
A Look at Nostalgia in This Week's News
Razzie Dazzle
Warning: Does Not Contain Spoilers
Movies to See in May
The Freak Who Would Be King
Die Hard with Avengers
The Not-So-Great Dictator
Noise Annoys
Tiny Tune Adventures
Great Half-Expectations
Bored on the 4th of July
The Surprises of Rises
Hey Batman Fans, Don't Shoot Me
Rank 'Em: Christopher Nolan
The Sequel That No One Asked For
Movies I Want to See This Fall
Who Should Direct Star Wars VII?
A Quick Guide to the Cast of Lincoln
Best of 2012


John Dies at the End
Charles Swan
Side Effects
Spring Breakers
A Revenge Story
The Paw Project
This is the End
Llyn Foulkes One Man Band
A Band Called Death
Kid Gloves
Touchy Feely
The Canyons
As I Lay Dying
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?


60 Movies to Check out in 2013
The Ending of The Master Explained
Book Review: "The Revolution Was Televised" by Alan Sepinwall
50 Cancelled TV Shows That Could Use Kickstarter for Movie Adaptations
R.I.P. Don Payne
Will the Smart Anti-Heroine Become the Movie Trend of 2013?
35 Examples of Rabbits in Pop Culture!
A Look at Teaser for Teaser Trailers Phenomenon and Why It Needs to Die
R.I.P. Roger Ebert
Book Review: "Film Critic" by Laremy Legel
A Look Back at Django Unchained and Tarantino's Battle with Racism
A Personal Ode to Marc Maron
The Numerous Issues with Jay-Z and The Great Gatsby Soundtrack
Arrested Development on Netflix isn't the Best Call
Here's why This is 40 is More Relevant Than It's Plot Suggests
Top 10 Seth Rogen Movies
A Look Back at Zack Snyder's Movies
10 Things I Would Like to See in the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad
Book Review: Jen Kirkman - "I Can Barely Take Care of Myself"
Review: The Melodrama's Production of "Lincoln" is a Great Night of Satire
A Look at the Anti-Superhero Subgenre
The Essential Comparison Guide Between The Butler (1916) and The Butler (2013)
The Reason I Donated to Spike Lee's Kickstarter
Ranking the Films of the Coen Brothers
Book Review: "See Change" by Laremy Legel
10 Major Differences Between the Book and Movie Versions of Blue is the Warmest Color



R.I.P. Phillip Seymour Hoffman: 1967-2014
A Look At Alternative Cinema Released on Valentine's Day Through History
Ranking the Films of Wes Anderson
A Look at the Cast of Star Wars VII
20 Directors Who Are NOT Directing Ant Man
It's Been Five Years and The Hangover is Still Something Special
Napoleon Dynamite is Still a Baffling, Dated Gem at 10 Years Old
I Don't Get the Appeal of Phil Lord and Chris Miller
A Look at Why the 21 Jump Street Franchise is an Update of the Scream Franchise
At 10 Years Old, Dodgeball Remains an Inimitably Great Sports Comedy
How Rian Johnson Got Me to Care About Star Wars
The Lion King Still Roars the Loudest at 20 Years Old
R.I.P. Eli Wallach (1915-2014)
For Your Consideration: Pain & Gain is One of the Most Patriotic Movies of the Decade
The Only Director Who Could Make The Purge Sequel Amazing
A Few Thoughts on the Fight Club Sequel Proposal
R.I.P. The Auteurcast: 2011-2014
A Tribute to Robin Williams (Part 1 of 4)
A Tribute to Robin Williams (Part 2 of 4)
A Tribute to Robin Williams (Part 3 of 4)
A Tribute to Robin Williams (Part 4 of 4)
Is Robert Rodriguez an Auteur?
A Look at My Increasing Acceptance of Latter Day Kevin Smith
In Defense of Vince Vaughn Being Chosen for True Detective Season 2


50 Films to Check Out in 2015
R.I.P. Harris Wittels (1984-2015)
R.I.P. Sam Simon (1955-2015)
A Few Thoughts on the Sheila Kearns Case
Five Reasons That I Don't Like Better Call Saul
A Few Thoughts on Harry Shearer Leaving The Simpsons
Mad Men and the Loneliness of Success in Manhattan, NY
Mad Men and the Quest for Eternal Youth in Los Angeles, CA
10 Times That Steve Martin was the Best
Why We Should Stop Un-Cancelling Shows
It's 10 Years Later and I Still Hate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
An Open Letter About the Lafayette Theater Shootings
A Personal Ode to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show
My Ongoing Frustration with Guy Ritchie and The Real RockNRolla
Check This Out: IMDb Launches the Top 250 for TV
Why The 40 Year Old Virgin Continues to Resonate 10 Years Later
Why You Should Have Faith in Elisabeth Moss' Career
Why Pinky and the Brain May Be the Smartest Kids' Show 20 Year On
Ranking M. Night Shyamalan Movies
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #78-66
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #65-53
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #52-40
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #39-27
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #26-14
A Ranking of Every Treehouse of Horror Segment #13-1
Which Treehouse of Horror Episode is the Best?
10 Reasons That the Best Bond is Not Who You Think It Is
10 Films Released on Christmas Day That Will Take You Out of the Mood



A Look at My Love Affair with Box Office Records
Why Can't Adult Cartoons Be Taken More Seriously?
A Tribute to David Bowie's Influence on Films
A Brief Look at My Time as a Razzies Member
My Issues with Capitalism on Film
How Should We Remember Great Actors Who Stop Making Great Movies?
What Actors Deserve a Comeback?
Why Tom Hanks Needs to Work with The Coen Brothers Again
Why I Love Meta Movies
My Weird Theory on Ryan Reynolds
Why "Happy Gilmore" Remains Sandler's Best Film 20 Years Later
The Top 10 Films Released By A24
A Look at Why L.A. Cinema is So Depressing
The First Ghostbusters Trailer Looks a Lot Better Than You Think
Why J.J. Abrams is a Better Marketer Than a Filmmaker
15 Great Films by Female Directors (Released After 2010)
At 20 Years, "Fargo" remains an Iconic Parody of Neo-Noir and 90's Cynicism
A Look at Elderly Cinema's Obsession with Youth
A Look at Why Pee-Wee Herman Continues to Endure
The "Sausage Party" Trailer Has Terribly Animated Cursing Food and Nothing Else
Why I Believe That Netflix is Too Much of a Good Thing
Why Christopher Reeve is the Definitive Superman
Why Batman is Cinema's Definitive Superhero
Why All Movie Fans Are Critics and All Movie Critics are Fans
A Look at Why Crossovers are so Appealing
A Look at Why Richard Linklater is an Unassuming Auteur
Why "I'm Still Here" is the Quintessential April Fool's Day Movie
A Look at the Conflicting Value of TV Recap Shows
Why You Should Pay Attention in Sarah Paulson
A Theory on Why Zack Snyder Keeps Remaking "Watchmen"
Why Method Acting is Kinda Dumb
Why Origin Stories Aren't a Great Idea
A Look at the Downside of Movie Marketing
A Look at the Declining Appeal of Music Videos
Why I Like Garry Marshall (But Not His Newer Movies)
Why Worrying About Spoiler Culture is Kinda Dumb
A Look at Rob Reiner and the Curse of Diminishing Returns
Why Audrey Hepburn is My Favorite Actress
Here's Why "Psycho" is the Ultimate Mother's Day Movie
Why the "X-Men" Movies are My Least Favorite Superhero Franchise
Dear Trailers, Please Stop Calling Things "The Scariest Movie Ever"
"Friday the 13th" (1980) is Overrated
Top 5 Ryan Gosling Movies
Why I'm Conflicted About the Cancellation of "True Detective"
My General Issue with Disney's Recent Trend of Classic Remakes
Why Marilyn Monroe is an Underrated Actress
My Top 10 Favorite Mockumentaries
Why I Don't like Video Game Movies
How Mass Shootings Have Changed How I Watch Film
A Look at Pixar's Most Underrated Film
Which Pixar Film Don't You "Get"?
My Favorite Pixar Shorts
My 20 Favorite Pixar Villains
In Defense of "Lesser" Pixar Movies
R.I.P. Anton Yelchin (1989-2016)
Why the Civil War Still Inspires Cinema
Why I Like Roald Dahl Movie Adaptations the Best
A Tribute to Spielberg's Saturday Morning Cartoons
Why We Need More Movie Shorts
What Secretly Great Actors Do You Like?
My Issue with Gender-Swapped Franchises Movies (And It's Not the Ladies' Fault)
Hey Internet, Stop being Naysayers for Films You Haven't Seen
Why You Must Be Careful with Nostalgia
10 Great Things That Garry Marshall Gave Us
A Look at How We Use Technology on Film
Why The Joker is the Best Superhero Villain
A Look at Jared Leto and How Behind the Scenes Stories Can Ruin a Movie
A Ranking of the 10 Members of Suicide Squad
A Look at the Effects of Giving Too Much Away in Trailers
A Look at Todd Phillips and the Frat Boy World View
In Defense of "Halt and Catch Fire"
Why Willy Wonka is My Favorite Movie Character Ever
Why You Should Be Watching "You're the Worst"
Why Rereleasing Movies is a Cathartic Experience
Why FX Has the Most Interesting Comedies
Understanding 9/11 Through Cinema
Why "American Horror Story" is Secretly Great"
A Look at Why the Marketing for "American Horror Story" is Brilliant
What Secretly Great Actors Do You Like?
Ranking The Simpsons' Centennial Episodes (Updated)
Check Out an Excerpt from My New Essay on Tim Burton
Ranking "Black Mirror" Season 3 Episodes
After 15 Years "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" Remains a Miraculous Film Achievement
Why "Bad Santa" is a Christmas Movie Masterpiece
Why Movie Musicals Still Matter
Jeopardy! - The Cindy Stowell Episodes
An Appreciation Piece About NASA on Film

Free Fire
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Alien: Covenant
Captain Underpants
Baby Driver
Atomic Blonde
The Dark Tower
Logan Lucky
GaGa: Five Foot Two
Gerald's Game
Justice League
Thor: Ragnarok


The Greatest Showman
The Cloverfield Paradox
Black Panther
Red Sparrow
Ready Player One
Isle of Dogs
The Avengers: Infinity War
Ant-Man and the Wasp


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