Dec 2, 2016

The Dates for Listmania 2016 Are Officially Here!

It's finally here. As we switch over from one year to the next, it's time to look back over the past 365 days and explore the highs and lows. While 2016 hasn't been a perfect year, there's been more than enough memorable moments to look back on and discover what defined the year in movies, music, and TV. Listmania is a series that will do just that. The following is a list of dates for the annual 10 day extravaganza. Memorize them and look forward to seeing just how great this year actually was. 

Wednesday, December 21: A two day column counting down the Top 20 Podcast of 2016. Up first is a look at the bottom half.

Thursday, December 22: A two day column counting down the Top 20 podcasts of 2016. Closing out the list is the Top 10.

Friday, December 23: A countdown of the Top 20 new shows that premiered in 2016 and are likely to be permanent fixtures in the years ahead.

Saturday, December 24: A countdown of the Top 20 shows of 2016 reflecting the best in returning series, newcomers, and miniseries that defined entertainment for the year.

Monday, December 26: A look at the entertainment that didn't quite live up to standards in 2016.

Tuesday, December 27: The Third Annual Zeppo Marx Appreciation Award. It honors the best in alternative entertainment.

Wednesday, December 28: A highlight of entertainment that doesn't quite fit into any other entry but is still worthy of mention.

Thursday: Thursday, December 29: A quick tribute to everyone who passed away in 2016.

Friday, December 30: A two countdown of the best movies of 2016. Up first, the bottom half.

Saturday, December 31: To close out the year, the following is the Top 10 best movies of 2016.

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