Aug 29, 2016

An Open Letter From Optigrab

Scene from Atlanta
As I have sporadically done, I am here to write an open letter to the loyal readers. There are those that are probably wondering why productivity has been down in the past few weeks. While I do intend to keep this blog up and running with reviews and opinion pieces, I must admit that it won't be as frequent for one sole reason. I have decided to return to college and have less free time to write. Considering that the Oscar season is upon us, I will also be busier over on The Oscar Buzz - which has been producing quality work more consistently and is recommended checking out if you're into Oscar-related content. For now, I just want to announce a few changes to Optigrab for the foreseeable future, including the cancellation of some beloved columns.
As some have noticed, there have been certain columns that have been absent over the summer. The most noteworthy of the bunch include the TV Recap series as well as the short lived Podcast Portal Monthly. While I intended these to be easy ways to produce regular content, I have come to the revelation that they would be more of a hassle, especially as my semester goes further along. So, what does that mean for them? I know that among the shows that I would begin covering in the next month would include Bob's Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, You're the Worst, and Masters of Sex. Unfortunately, the effort to put the content together on a daily basis isn't something that I wish to continue at this time. Likewise, I feel bad that Podcast Portal Monthly didn't last long - though I do intend to have the column return sporadically as new shows pop up. Also, you can rest assured that there will be a top podcasts entry in my Listmania series.

So, what is going to be sticking around? Unfortunately, I have fallen behind on several series, so the TV Retrospective series may not be as frequent. Series like Orange is the New Black will not be finished in a reasonable time of interests. However, I do intend to keep up on the Fall series and should have entries as each series end. For instance, I do have plans to cover The Night Of and Roadies in the next few days. I also will do Channel Surfing columns on very special episodes for new series coming out in the months ahead.
While I apologize for infrequently releasing Trailing Off, I do intend to return to releasing it with some regularity. The month of August has been a pretty busy month for me, so I haven't had as much time to watch trailers and write up pieces about them. Hopefully as the fall arrives and more interesting movies are released, I will have more of a motivation to write them. I do also hope that Alternative to What continues to be released with regularity. If a week goes by that they're not released, please understand that I am busy and do intend to release them - even they are late.
I know that this is not a significant change, but I figured that this information deserved to be shared, especially as the summer months end and the new fall season picks up. I do hope to keep posting regular opinion pieces twice a week to compensate. Otherwise, please feel free to visit The Oscar Buzz and leave feedback on how I could improve. I know that I will not be releasing as much, but it's for the best. So once again, I want to say thanks for reading and being supportive. I hope that having more focused work will producer greater results. So until then, feel free to visit my back catalog and share with all of your friends. 

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