May 6, 2015

TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "Det. Dave Majors"

Andy Samberg
The Golden Globe-winning comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for a second season of hilarity and crime. After an impressive first season that chronicled one of the best new ensembles solving problems and forming unexpected relationships, the series is back to tackle bigger things. Will it be as great as the first season? Stay tuned every Wednesday for the recap on that week's episode to find out through interesting tidbits including the best jokes and what the crew is up to that week.

Crime of the Week: A series of masked me robbed a check cashing location and as a result, Peralta (Andy Samberg) is teaming up with Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and a third party to solve the case.

Left to right: Melissa Fumero and Samberg
Peralta Problem: The third party is Detective Dave Majors (Garrett Dillahunt), who is making the moves on Santiago, thus causing emotional conflicts inside Peralta.

Terry Crews
Subplot of the Week: Jeffords (Terry Crews) gets offered a job at a different precinct and it is up to Gina (Chelsea Peretti) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) to convince him to stay.

Best Joke: Upon announcing his stay,Terry admits to "losing" a vest that was actually destroyed when he was flexing in the bathroom and made the feathers explode out of it.

Garrett Dillahunt
Culprit: Detective Dave Majors doesn't have a lasting relationship with Santiago, putting Peralta's emotions at ease momentarily.

Resolution: Santiago doesn't go on further dates with Majors. Jeffords decides to stay after becoming convinced that the job will fit his new schedule better.

Verdict: Not an amazing episode, but still one that is largely enjoyable. While it is nice to see further continuity in the Peralta/Santiago dynamic, I also feel like there wasn't much new ground covered. Yes, there was a solid routine of going to a night club and the doorman did have his moments, but it felt like such an insular plot that it lacked momentum. Jeffords leaving the team was a nice plot that emphasized why he was important and allowed for one of the more central subplots that we have seen this season. However, there's a good question to be raised on how likely it would be that Terry Crews would actually take the job or even potentially leave the show. He is too integral at this point to just walk away. Overall, plenty of solid moments that make up a pretty solid episode.

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