May 4, 2015

Mad Cap: "Lost Horizon"

Elisabeth Moss
Welcome to Mad Cap: a series dedicated to chronicling every episode of Mad Men leading up to the series finale. Tune in every Monday to recap each new episode along with memorable moments, quotes, and predictions on where things might be going. Is Don Draper out of the hole on this one? Will the series do well now that it is in the 70's? There's a lot to unpack and no time to waste. So without further ado, please enjoy reading and sharing your own thoughts in the comments on each episode as it airs.

Season 7, Episode 12
"Lost Horizon"

"This was a hell of a boat, you know."
- Roger Sterling (John Slattery)


It's all over for Sterling Cooper Pryce. Roger Sterling (John Slattery) is waiting to hand the keys over the McCann Erickson. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) tries to get adjusted to the new environment, but he becomes uncomfortable. When he sees a plane flying, he decides to leave during a meeting. Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) also is losing interest in the company as her input is not being heard. Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) is waiting for her furniture to be moved into the new office. Don gives Betty Francis (January Jones) one last conversation before going out on the road to do something: search for Diana. He isn't having luck, as her ex-husband tells him to quit while he can. Peggy and Roger have a moment together in the empty office to celebrate and enjoy their life before Peggy moves into her new office. Joan quits despite being upset that she only received half as much for her outing. Don continues to drive around the country, potentially headed for California in between hallucinations involving Bert Cooper (Robert Morse). 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Left to right: John Slattery and Moss
Roger Sterling (John Slattery)

It is tough to pick an MVP this week largely because this is the disassembling of Sterling Cooper Pryce. However, if there had to be someone to lose the most, it was Roger Sterling. As the man who took over the company, he receives any and all blame for anything that happens. Instead of getting bent out of shape when the staff has trouble adjusting to McCann Erickson rules, he laughs it off and favors playing his organ in the now abandoned building. It is unclear if this is the end for everyone or if we'll never see Don again. However, it is a classy way for Don to go out and for Sterling to not care about his old employees allows him to cut loose in the best ways possible. 

Jon Hamm
Best Scene

While travelling across the country, Don Draper tries to find solace in his lost love. However, there is something else to what he's doing. He is having hallucinations of his former boss, influence from "On the Road," and driving several hours out of his way to not go to work. This is a Don that we haven't seen in awhile. Where is he going? As the credits roll, they play David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and send the show into a euphoric ecstasy of mystery. What is going to happen to him? It seems like he will never return to New York again, which makes everything that played out beforehand all the more tragic. Many consider it the perfect way to end the series. However, we have (sadly) only two episodes left. What is going to happen now that everyone has gone their separate ways?

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