May 16, 2015

Life Lessons From Maron: "Stroke of Luck"

Marc Maron
Welcome to the return of the recap series on the IFC series Maron in which comedian/podcaster Marc Maron lives life and tries to learn how to be a better person. To pay homage to the series, these recaps will be released on Saturdays and chronicle the various life lessons that are presented in the 30 minute format on a weekly basis as well as a meter that determines just how angry our protagonist seems to be. Join us as we tackle the psyche of the popular angry man and pray that he doesn't lose it entirely.

Plot: Maron tries to be more involved with his new girlfriend's child while also trying to get a big agent with help from Elliott Gould.

Elliott Gould
A Line That Sums Up the Episode: "You need someone who knows where the bodies are buried."

Guests Review: The biggest guest star of the episode was Elliott Gould, whose cameo managed to bleed into the rest of the plot. As Maron tries to get a new agent, he seeks advice from his comedy icon and gets himself in a mess. Gould is reliably off in his judgment, as he sends him to an old agent that isn't all there mentally. For the most part, it is a decent cameo that is only elevated by the plot, which goes into a dark direction and leaves Maron back in the hole that he was at the start of the episode.

Anger Meter: 6 (out of 10)
It doesn't seem like we have yet to get a full on Maron hissy fit. However, this is an interesting episode in that he slowly builds his rage against those who are letting him down. He's putting in effort to become a better person. He is a good guy. However, this is slowly building to him losing it when his girlfriend dumps him and his new manager is a senile man with medical problems. It's a lot to take in, but Maron takes care of it with ease.

We Good?: After a solid second season, it looks like Maron is back in full swing. While it isn't necessarily the series' best, it does manage to show that Marc Maron the actor is getting better at defining his role and adding nuance to it. He's still funny and able to take the tragic with the comic. As a whole, it is just a weird plot that is very dark and makes me wonder what's going to happen next for the series. For one, I do hope that Elliott Gould will be sticking around, because despite being a so-so cameo, he does have a lot of promise as a returning character. As a whole, a solid episode and a good way to start the third season.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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