May 30, 2015

Life Lessons From Maron: "Ex-Pod"

Welcome to the return of the recap series on the IFC series Maron in which comedian/podcaster Marc Maron lives life and tries to learn how to be a better person. To pay homage to the series, these recaps will be released on Saturdays and chronicle the various life lessons that are presented in the 30 minute format on a weekly basis as well as a meter that determines just how angry our protagonist seems to be. Join us as we tackle the psyche of the popular angry man and pray that he doesn't lose it entirely.

Plot: Marc must confront his ex-wife after discovering that she wrote a book, though not about their relationship.

A Line That Sums Up the Episode: "This was our house, not your house."

Guests Review: It's a jam packed episode of cameos. Whether it's Marc getting advice from Dave Anthony and Andy Kindler or berating the return of Josh Brener, he has a lot to say. Count in an interview with the insecure Mary Lynn Rajskub and you get a rather solid group of characters. However, it is all about Marc and his ex-wife, whose insecure chemistry leads to a lot of the strongest episodes of the episode and of the series to date.

Anger Meter: 10 (out of 10)
This could largely be because it is one of the most personal episodes in Maron's run, but it is interesting to see him handle feelings of his complicated past. He may have tried to be the best that he could be, but his neurotic self made it hard for them to be together. Neither handled the break-up particularly well, and it is interesting to see Marc handle it in his own reflective and immature way, whether it be through flashback or in the moment. It is a look at an uncomfortable moment of the past and realizing that some things cannot be undone, and that is the most tragic part of it.

We Good?: It may not be the funniest episode, but it definitely ranks among some of the most personal moments in the series' existence. While we have seen Marc stumble through various relationships, this is the only one to be given a special treatment with flashbacks and a tragic third act revelation that pits the faults of both into an uncomfortable position. It is moments like this where not only Marc Maron the actor proves how he has grown as a performer, but also as a show runner. We have heard him talk vulnerably before on his podcast, but the show has only begun to embrace the down side with some fluidity in the recent episodes. Here's hoping that there's more where this came from.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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