Apr 13, 2015

Mad Cap: "New Business"

Welcome to Mad Cap: a series dedicated to chronicling every episode of Mad Men leading up to the series finale. Tune in every Monday to recap each new episode along with memorable moments, quotes, and predictions on where things might be going. Is Don Draper out of the hole on this one? Will the series do well now that it is in the 70's? There's a lot to unpack and no time to waste. So without further ado, please enjoy reading and sharing your own thoughts in the comments on each episode as it airs.

Season 7, Episode 9
"New Business"

"Jiminy Christmas. Think you're going to begin 
your life over and do it right. But what if you 
never get past the beginning again?"
- Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser)


Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is filing for divorce with Meghan Draper (Jessica Pare). It has caused several problems. While Betty Francis (January Jones) admits that she's going back to school, he seeks advice from Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley). He also continues to see Diana (Elizabeth Reaser), whom he has a lot in common with. She is new in town and has abandoned her child and it's very attractive to Don. Meghan Draper also has to deal with family, including her mother who has been having an affair with Roger Sterling (John Slattery). As Meghan takes her furniture out of Don's apartment, things unfold and Meghan is stressed because everyone is treating her like a home wrecker. Meanwhile, Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) meets the successful Pima Ryan (Mimi Rogers), who tries to persuade Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson) into giving her a job. Peggy gets the con job as well and ends up refusing to work with her. Don tries to pay off Meghan to end their problems, but she doesn't accept. He tries to get with Diana, but she refuses. He returns home to an empty apartment, wondering what there is in his life.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Jessica Pare
Meghan Draper (Jessica Pare)

It's a pretty rough week for Don. After last week introduced the 70's and gave us a sense of where he was, we dive into all of the other conflicts. We know what Peggy and Betty are up to now. However, there's nothing quite like the final days of marriage to Meghan. It has been awhile since Don had to deal with divorce, let alone a woman with such a complicated lifestyle. It doesn't go down easily and he ends up having to find ways to atone for his problems. He claims that he is going to make things right, but she never believes it. Along with other revelations regarding some affairs, things begin to fall apart for Don and leave him in an empty apartment. For all of the exes that have been seen in the past two episodes, it seems kind of tragic to see that all of them will not end up with him. He is alone in this world for good and it is unsure if his magic will work much longer. Even as Meghan fights for her sanity, she seems insecure and unable to fully accept that the world around her is crumbling.

Best Scene

It isn't a scene with much of anything. In fact, there's many showier moments that could easily qualify for this spot. However, the show has been doing a great job at summarizing the final moments lately. As Don returns home, a lot is unveiled. He is returning to the place where a lot of misery has happened throughout the episode, yet he purposefully missed it because it was too painful to deal with. He was distant and only showed up when he felt that he could work his way out of situations. As he arrives home, he stands in silence and stares at his apartment, which earlier was full of accessories and personality. Now it was empty and he was alone, summarizing everything that had been going on in his life and how despite finding love through many different women, his interior wasn't as rich as he would have liked it to be.

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