Apr 3, 2015

20 TV Shows from the 90's That Deserve A Comeback

By the time that you read this, there's a good chance that you have heard about the news of the return of beloved TV series Full House. It is the latest in a series of stories that unveil the return of 90's shows that have included Twin Peaks, The X-Files and the sorely missed Coach. Being one to strike while the iron is hot, the following is a list of other shows that gained prominence in the 90's that should be considered for potential returns. The following is a list of 20 shows that for some reason feel more important now than they initially did upon their initial runs and deserve to be exposed to a new and impressionable audience.


It seems ridiculous that there are spin-offs to the TV series CSI and Law and Order while the David Milch-penned series that spawned shocking moments and brought the world Dennis Franz's neurotic genius has remained predominantly dormant. If we're stuck in a world with Stalker and CSI: Cyber, why not just return to something a little more substantial with a show that pushes the boundaries and is straight up entertaining. Of course, it all depends on if Milch will ever do that next season of John From Cincinnati that audiences have been sorely needing.

Ally McBeal

As Danny Trejo said in Anchorman "Women can do stuff now." That was over 10 years ago and that statement has only resonated war. However, doesn't it seem like a great time to return to one of the finest single female lawyers of the late 90's? If not, we can always rely on the magic of Robert Downey Jr., whose work in The Judge proved that people will watch him in anything. It has been a lull period for David E. Kelly since The Crazy Ones star Robin Williams has died and his juices are likely flowing for an easy and promising project. Why not hit the tried and true?

Homeboys in Outer Space

Welcome to the year 2015. We live in a time where two things are popular: Guardians of the Galaxy and progressive behaviors towards race. With that in mind, why not combine the two for the ahead of its time series that focuses on two astronauts as they travel through space. While it seemed barbaric in the 90's, it would fit in nicely with today's progressive behaviors and the desperate need for something hip and cool. If anything, it could give NBC a much needed dose of decent programming.

Clarissa Explains it All

It is a scary time to be alive. It's also a time when Melissa Joan Hart is likely looking for a way to make a comeback after Melissa and Joey. Why not combine the two to return her to the iconic Nickelodeon TV series character who explains it all. With the advancement of technology and the complexity of being young, it would make sense that an old hand could easily inform the children of today by explaining it all in her familiar and entertaining ways. Because hey, it's more plausible than another Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series, right?


HBO's first drama series has had an unfortunate reputation for being ahead of its time. Where shows like Treme and Luck would push boundaries and become more acceptable in households, nobody gives Oz enough credit. It was a surreal mixture of homo-eroticism, hyper-violence, melodramatic soap opera, incoherent narratives and male on male rape. If Game of Thrones is any indicator, audiences love naked people doing disgusting things. Also, since the massive cast allows for supporting stars to come in and out, it may serve as a nice chance for Disney Channel stars (here's looking at you Nick Jonas) to break out with headline-grabbing moments. It's still more moralistic than Stalker.


Because audiences are starting to get back into shows about prehistoric creatures. With Jurassic Park's return and Godzilla last summer, there's plenty of room for people to get on board with a sitcom about anthropomorphic dinosaurs who love and talk just like half of the staff members on CBS. It would be a great thing, especially with a progressive view on women, that people will go around screaming "Not the mama!" It will be an exciting time to have this show back, especially as the merchandise line is sure to take off and it will be one of the biggest panels at Comic Con.

The Nanny

Because Fran Drescher needs your money. I'm not sure what she did with the money she had, but you can tell that she misses getting your money from being on The Nanny. So stop making fun of her and give her your money already. It's for a good cause.

Home Improvement

So you say that Tim Allen is busy with Last Man Standing? Well, Richard Karn isn't. After his work on Family Feud and various pocket hose commercials, he has been hinting at a reunion for years now. Even the presence of Patricia Richardson in an episode of Allen's ABC sitcom last year would suggest that this is all leading to some grand reboot. Hey, the world needs Binford Tools more than ever and Zachary Ty Brian is sure to make people laugh more than he did in the 90's (he's only gotten better). 

Count Duckula

Thanks to Twilight, vampires have had a resurgence in popularity and have lead to entertainment such as Dracula Untold and The Vampire Diaries. It only seems plausible that this Danger Mouse spin-off would connect with a new audience that has worn out on Snoopy and Garfield reboots that frankly don't connect with kids who no longer find satisfaction in rascally animals from the 1960's. Why not go a little more progressive and check out something that hits all of the zeitgeist trademarks? 

Herman's Head

Because the world needs the Witt/Thomas Productions and wisdom of William Ragsdale's most iconic character. In a world where we need everything explained to us as evident by Wikipedia and countless Youtube "How To" videos, this is a series made for the modern era and one that would only help us to get a better grasp of the world while we laugh and have a good time. Those jokes on The Simpsons weren't jokes. Herman's Head is an indelible part of pop culture that deserves a second glance.


Because kids of today don't know what goods Disney Channel cartoons look like.


No, not The Cosby Show. I'm talking about the other show that Bill Cosby did in the 90's that is less known and less successful in every plausible way. It may be too late to redeem his current reputation, but it would still helped to elevate the reputation of this TV series which has become a foot within a footnote of his otherwise stories career. It is a win-win situation among a lose-lose one. Whatever network would pick it up already has the knowledge that the DVD residuals will be through the roof and have a chance to tie into Jell-O Pudding Pop sales in ways that we haven't seen in some time. If you don't do this series because of Cosby, do it because of the snacks that the world so desperately needs.

Salute Your Shorts

Nickelodeon's premiere TV series about campers may have not lasted long, but look at the reputation that it left behind. It helped to inspire kids to go camping and even made series such as Bug Juice into a reality. As kids become cooped up int heir homes, it is important to make a series that not only reaffirms the benefits of the great outdoors, but reminds us that child actors have the capability to wow us with their range. This isn't Disney Channel-level acting. It is the surreal next level, and it will be sure to be a mainstay on your TV dials once it comes back.

Drew Carey Show

This one seems almost guaranteed to happen when you think about it. Craig Ferguson recently left his late night talk show gig. Drew Carey was temporarily ousted from his seat on The Price is Right and the Whose Line Is It Anyway? cast can get through anything. However, what if Bob Barker holds onto his previous throne? We'll need to give Drew Carey somewhere to go. It seems like a perfect excuse to remind ourselves why Cleveland rocks and why the world is in desperate need of more harpsichord. 


Keri Russell may be busy with The Americans for the moment, but consider the way that things are going for the 80's-based thriller. Things are slowly connecting the dots between the FX series and the iconic WB series that may suggest that Felicity is The Americans daughter. Or something like that. Either way, Russell may be looking to get back into her old role to remind us how the image of women in the modern era look like. Whatever happens, this will hopefully get people (myself included) to finally watch The Americans.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

If Grey's Anatomy seems plausible to you, why not consider going back to the first woman doctor? This series, which was ahead of its time, proved that women could do stuff even in an era where cowboys drunkely shot each other in public. Of course, with the rise of popularity of period pieces thanks to shows like Dontown Abbey and Game of Thrones, this may be an easy fit into the niche quality drama audience's weekly viewing.


Because The Big Bang Theory cannot last forever contrary to popular belief and breakout star Mayim Bialik sure has more special stories to share now that she is older and knows what fame is like.

Caroline in the City

Because what women need is a positive role model of someone who can be a successful cartoonist and be able to have fun in the process. Also, the charisma and charm of Lea Thompson has only gotten better thanks to that one cameo on A to Z and work in the lauded Nicholas Cage film Left Behind. Even if those don't charm you, think of its previous status as "Must See" TV and why that moniker is more important than ever in an era where we have too many mediocre shows on.

Party of Five

Think about it this way. If there were any odds that Beverly Hills 90210 could get a reboot, then surely something that was leagues better than it could. The cast also features incredible talents such as Mad Men's Neve Campbell and Mallrats' Jeremy London. If anything, the stories will only be more compelling to a modern audience as the idea of families and parties have only become more complicated. With star power so strong, it may have the ability to outrank Empire upon its return.

Married... with Children

This is more of a plea for one cast member than anything. Considering that everyone else has gone on to great things, we need this show back because David Faustino could really use a career boost. He has become the Terrence Malick of rappers with promise that his rap alter ego D Lil will release his first album since 1992's "Balistyx." If that sounds crazy, consider that Drake is a thing. Also, with Sons of Anarchy coming to an end and Modern Family sure to not last forever, we need to give Katey Sagal and Ed O'Neill somewhere to go.

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