Mar 6, 2015

Mad Cap: "Tomorrowland"

Welcome to Mad Cap: a daily rundown of every episode of the acclaimed AMC series Mad Men. During this time, I will be compiling my thoughts and highlights as we travel through every moment and season of the Emmy-award winning drama that has come to define modern TV. The goal is to be a refresher on every moment for Don Draper and his band of advertisement executives leading up to the final season. Stay for all of the shocking moments and the brilliant acting performances, and make sure to chime in with your thoughts and criticisms on why the show means something to you.

Season 4, Episode 13

"A pretty face comes along and 
everything goes out the window."
- Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss)


Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has the kids for awhile and decides to take them out to California to see Disneyland and for him to catch up with an old friend. He has Megan Calvet (Jessica Pare) tag along with her kid. This goes too well and they fall in love. Back in New York, Betty Francis (January Jones) is having a rough time with Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley) and is becoming frustrated. Thanks to Joyce Ramsay (Zosia Mamet), Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) pursues a pantyhose client, which goes very well. When Don returns, he admits that he is marrying Megan. Everyone seems happy for him, except Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), who is revealed to be pregnant. With Betty moving into a new house, things are changing for everyone, for better or worse.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Jon Hamm
Don Draper (Jon Hamm)

It seems like Don has been spat on for most of the season. He has watched as Betty married Henry and his children have gravitated towards living with them. His love life was a mess and things were impossible to clean up. What was he going to do to patch things up? In this episode, Don finally pulls the image together and marries a new wife, which will hopefully kickstart his ego and make everything work out. It seems that even for a moment that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is going to be all right. Also, it always seems like he is happier in California and doesn't want to be in New York. How soon until he ditches the suit and tie and admit his true feelings? There's a lot of exciting things that could come with season 5.

Left to right: January Jones and Hamm
Best Scene

It is an episode full of celebratory moments. However, it doesn't feel quite as poetic as the closing scene in which Betty is moving into a new house. The metaphor of moving on is very clear, especially with Don coming to pay her a visit and to discuss his recent marriage. Things are going great and while Betty's life is kind of on the fritz by comparison, it seems like a nice subtle reversal from where everything was at the start of the season. There's also a little bit of passion in their conversation that they have now accepted each other as acquaintances. But what else is there between them had it not been for the kids? There's a lot to consider and in the brief moments, they unveil that they care and secretly want the best for each other. 

Season 4 Overall Rating:
4 out of 5

What an impressive season. With many considering this the peak of the series, I am eagerly awaiting to see what lies ahead. For me, it is definitely the best yet and with a lot of the greatest moments so far. The theme of moving on and letting go of the past has elevated a lot of the thematic elements into new and interesting places. Kiernan Shipka continues to be an unstoppable force and its in Don's flaws that something more compelling comes out. It's gotten funnier and more engaging in unexpected ways as well. The only issue is that this is the third season that has ended essentially with a character admitting their pregnancy to someone. It is a minimal aspect this time, but it does seem like an annoying moment to go back to the well. However, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have survived one season in a rough, but nonetheless enthralling season. Here's hoping for more greatness.

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