Mar 24, 2015

Mad Cap: "Man With a Plan"

Left to right: Jon Hamm and Kevin Rahm
Welcome to Mad Cap: a daily rundown of every episode of the acclaimed AMC series Mad Men. During this time, I will be compiling my thoughts and highlights as we travel through every moment and season of the Emmy-award winning drama that has come to define modern TV. The goal is to be a refresher on every moment for Don Draper and his band of advertisement executives leading up to the final season. Stay for all of the shocking moments and the brilliant acting performances, and make sure to chime in with your thoughts and criticisms on why the show means something to you.

Season 6, Episodes 7
"Man With a Plan"

"It's easy to give up something 
when you're ashamed."
- Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini)


The two advertising agencies are starting to merge and are considering who to cut. This is causing a lot of conflicts. Meanwhile, Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) begins to feel some pain and has Bob Benson (James Wolk) take her to the hospital, where she gets treatment. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) continues his affair with Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini), though he is mostly into seeing her naked. Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) has to take care of his mother (Channing Chase), who among other people don't believe that he is capable of being a good worker. Thanks to his involvement with Joan earlier, Bob manages to get spared from the firing. The merging continues and people come and go. Everything comes to a halt when Bobby Kennedy is killed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Vincent Kartheiser
Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser)

While the merger seemed like a great idea, things are quickly falling apart for the egos behind the team. Don doesn't seem to have any willpower in his mind anymore and is uncomfortable around various things. Still, there's something alarming and endearing about Pete's downward spiral as he deals with his mother and the fact that his former in-laws don't want anything to do with him. He is getting screwed in the whole exchange, leaving him to have to be the confident man. He doesn't have any credibility with the company, but he does manage to have energy and frustration, which more than makes up for his shortcomings. 

Linda Cardellini
Best Scene

Up to this point, Don has been quite a suave lover. He knows how to push women's buttons and get his way. For some reason, he can't quite land the deal with Sylvia. All he can do is stay in the hotel room and talk about how their affair is limited to that room. It is the decline of Don and his weakness as a person. Still, Sylvia's desire to go out and see the town overshadow his lack of desire in life. When things get bad and Don asks her to get naked after she dresses up to go out, she snaps at him in an exchange that reflects everything that's wrong with Don at this moment. In fact, it seems strange that he's even still with her. He just seems so disaffected with life.

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