Dec 2, 2014

A Look at the Dates for this Year's Annual Listmania Series

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is time to kick off the annual Listmania Series. For those coming here for the first time, Listmania is a collection of end of the year lists that are meant to highlight the various fields of interests. This deals with all things movie, TV, music and podcast related with some book banter thrown in. What exactly will be included on this year's list? The following features the dates and subjects that you should look forward to starting next week.

Friday, Dec. 12: Best Weirdness
In a year full of refined pop culture, it is important to notice all of the times in which something crazy and straight-up weird happened this year. What better way to kick off the series than by honoring those that didn't expect to be honored anyways?

Saturday, Dec. 13: Miscellaneous
One of the funnest categories every year as there are no limits as to what will be talked about. These feature superlative mentions that aren't big enough to warrant a whole list. 

Sunday, Dec. 14: The 1st Annual Zeppo Marx Appreciation Award
A new, pointless award created to recognize films that you likely don't notice are better versions of more popular films. You will likely have trouble not wanting to compare their merit once you see the list. Kind of like Zeppo Marx himself.

Monday, Dec. 15: Biggest Disappointments
A catchall category in which we take a look at the various forms of media that let us down in one way or another. If it left you underwhelmed, then it is likely qualified.

Tuesday, Dec. 16: Best TV Shows (New)
There was a lot of great new programming on TV this year, and it is important to recognize the shows that have entered the zeitgeist. Over one season, these series have proven themselves to be on par or at times better than the veteran series that are currently out there.

Wednesday, Dec. 17: Best TV Shows (General)
This is the best of the best in the realm of TV. As long as it aired in 2014, it is fair game to make this list. 

Thursday, Dec. 18: Best Cinematography
This is an excuse to recognize the films that were breathtakingly gorgeous to look at. These aren't necessarily the greatest movies, but simply ones that singe into your brain from awe-inspiring visuals.

Friday, Dec. 19: R.I.P.
Not necessarily a list, but a dedication to the several great people who died in the past year. This is more a post dedicated to recognition than to any superlative honor.

Saturday, Dec. 20 - Sunday Dec. 21: Best Podcasts
 A look at the best podcasts that were released in the past year including comedy, film criticism and general education shows. If nothing else, this is a list of shows worthy of your time on a weekly basis.

Monday, Dec. 22: Best Comedy Albums
There were a lot of funny people who made some great comedy albums this year. This is a recognition of every album that is worth checking out if you are in desperate need of a chuckle.

Tuesday, Dec. 23: Best Soundtracks/Scores
A list of the best accompaniments to film and TV programming based on the music and compositions that enhance the scenes. There will also be a bonus award to the soundtrack/score with the best track titles.

Wednesday, Dec. 24: Best Characters
This is a category meant to recognize the greatest characters in film that made their debut this year. As long as they were memorable and impacted the film around them, they will be qualified.

Thursday, Dec. 25 - Friday, Dec. 26: Best Movies (#50-31)
The most important list in the Listmania series kicks off on Christmas Day with a look at the best films of the year. The column resumes the following Monday in order to keep an orderly schedule.

Saturday, Dec. 27 - Sunday, Dec. 28: Best of Inventory
Based on the massive quantity of stories I have written this year, I will be compiling what I feel is the best and most noteworthy. There will be 20 in total that will hopefully reflect my writing for various websites including CinemaBeach, The Focus Pull, Readwave, Optigrab, The Oscar Buzz, Films with Friends and Rant Lifestyle.

Monday, Dec. 29 - Wednesday, Dec. 31: Best Movies (#29-1)
This is the final stretch for the year with a look at the best films of 2014. Any additional Honorable Mentions or last minute inductees will also be discussed within these posts.

Now that you have your calendar booked, I look forward to seeing you next week for a daily rundown of the best of the year. If that doesn't satisfy you, just know that I have massive back catalogs to keep you entertained until then.

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