Mar 4, 2014

Podcast Portal: Detect This!

Welcome to Podcast Portal: a spontaneous column that will highlight podcasts of all genres that are lesser known or new shows that are worth giving a listen. With the medium continuing to grow, it is hard to acknowledge all of them. However, I am going to try and find as many noteworthy titles as possible to share and hopefully expand your mind to the greatest growing medium out there. If you have any podcast that you feel is worth adding to the Podcast Portal, please make sure to inform me whether through the comments or through an e-mail (information in sidebar). 

SHOW: Detect This! - A True Detective Podcast
HOSTS: Andrew Johnson, Charlie Nash
NETWORK: Film Geek Radio

One of the best growing markets out there is the TV recap show. While networks like AfterBuzz have cornered the market in doing as many shows as possible, it is a chance for fans to buy a microphone and spout their theories. I initially got into the idea during the final years of Breaking Bad and have since been fascinated to explore the potential. If for no other reason, it gives audiences a chance to be introduced blindly to new talent and create an entryway to other projects that they may be involved with. With True Detective being one of the best shows (so far) of 2014, I was eager to find a show of note and see if they can help to unravel the series' mystery.
There is a disclaimer at the front of the episode that states why the show is one episode behind (personal lives). While this is likely to cause problems for impatient listeners eager for immediacy, it is well worth the wait. Working for the Film Geek Radio Network, Detect This! is a show that feels immediately established with two personalities that seem to encapsulate audience interaction in some of the most impressive ways. With voice mails and recognizing iTunes reviewers, this isn't just a True Detective recap show, this feels like a community. The hosts acknowledge the fans of the podcast in ways that don't seem pandering. Even if this results in the episode running longer than the HBO show at 71 minutes, it is a well thought out structure.
Like most shows dealing with True Detective, this is all about game theory. On top of recapping moments in the series, their comments build upon previous moments. There's an affinity for the characters and as proven at one point in their conversation, a love of Matthew McConaughey's other works. Whether or not the discussions hold merit (they do), the banter is intelligent, witty, and engrossing to the subject material. There is never a dull moment and even the bleakest of discussion points have studied guesses. As the show suggests in the beginning, this is about solving the case. By calling Detect This! fans "gumshoes," it is evidence of how obsessed this show is with detail, and it all works.
They have an established network and these hosts have talked about past shows such as Dexter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which at least gives a catalog of additional material to check out. For those interested in watching True Detective and want fan theories that are well thought out, this is the show for you. It also discusses character traits and sexual politics in the TV landscape in ways that feel significant. This is a reverent love letter to True Detective, and I would love to hear what else they have to say about the show.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5
WORTH A SECOND GO?: Whether on the first or last episode of season one of True Detective, Detect This! is easy to jump into and it is quite worth it. It helps to better understand each episode and gives anticipation for what's to come. They may be running a week behind (episodes release Wednesdays), but with research and personalities this strong, they serve as excellent companion pieces.

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