Mar 1, 2014

Inventory: February 2014

Welcome to Inventory: a monthly column in which we take a moment to look back at the past few weeks and highlight articles that I have written that may be worth a second glance. From the archives of Optigrab, The Oscar Buzz, and CinemaBeach, the following is what I feel to be the Top 10 articles that I have written in any given month and feel the need to highlight. Also covered will be any known details on what will be coming up in the month ahead. So without further ado, let's take inventory and see what I have to say.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Source: Optigrab
Comments: This past month saw us lose two of the greats who made an impressive impact on cinema in very different ways. This is my tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman, whose work in The Master continues to impress me to this day with a performance that has stuck with me.

Harold Ramis
Source: Optigrab
Comments: The other is great is the multiple hyphenate comedian who helped to revolutionize and shape the modern comedy. This tribute is meant to highlight his various achievements to the art of comedy with a highlight of over 10 things that he did to make the world a funnier place.

Joaquin Phoenix
Article: Review:: Her is a Complicated and Poignant Analysis of Love
Source: CinemaBeach
Comments: The film is an exciting look at an alternative future of Los Angeles that feels more real than the scenery will suggest. The relationship with computers is adequate to that of a human emotion, thus making the context a lot more profound.

Left to right: Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey
Source: Optigrab
Comments: With this episode, the freshman series went from being a really good drama to one of the best shows on TV, including a finale so intense that it is surprising that the show hasn't lost steam. It continues to be a great discussion point and with episodes winding down, it is only time until we find out where this entire season has been building.

Robin Williams
Source: Optigrab
Comments: This Paul Mazursky feature may have been forgotten in the midst of other great Robin Williams performances, but it continues to pack a punch and explore a deeper understanding about the immigrant experience in America. With the Olympics fresh in people's minds and the 30th anniversary approaching this year, now is as good of a time as any to revisit this classic and find new things to admire about it.

Source: Optigrab
Comments: It may not quite be considered either movie, TV, or podcast material, but the Olympics are all about a presentation that a country makes to the world in order to gain their respect. With all that Russia did during the Sochi Olympics, it is interesting to look at the subtext and better understand what is going on based on their opening ceremony presentation.

Left to right: Lupita Nyong'o, Michael Fassbender, and Chiwetel Ejiofor
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: It is a really good movie and its impact has already been seeping into the culture, but it does feel like it isn't going to be the behemoth at the Oscars that many predicted. This is an analysis of my pick and the many reasons that it could end up losing a lot of the major categories that I feel it deserves to win in.

Natalie Portman
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: In order to commemorate the countdown to the big Oscar night, I decided to highlight some Best Picture nominees that lost the top prize but remain personal favorites. In order to make a comprehensive list, I decided to only focus on the past 10 years in order to cover the impressive, vast selections that have been in that category.

Dustin Hoffman
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: With the night approaching ever closer, I decided to look this time at nominees who have received five or more chances and highlighted the 10 who I feel like stand above the rest. I also get into my feelings about how Meryl Streep is overrated not as an actress, but as a nominee.

Mike Myers
Source: Optigrab
Comments: An unbiased look at films that opened on February 14 that are not immediately associated with the theme of romance and Valentine's Day. The list is a good primer for those wanting to know just how strange this particular date in film history can get.

What to Expect: March 2014

Coming Sunday-Tuesday March 2-4: Wrap-up coverage of the 86th Annual Academy Awards

Coming Monday, March 10: A TV retrospective of season one of HBO series True Detective

Coming Tuesday, March 11: The return of TV recap coverage of Bob's Burgers

TBA: The continuing look into podcasts of mention with the Podcast Portal series

Simon Pegg
TBA: A review for the latest Simon Pegg comedy A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Louis C.K.
TBA: A Retro Grading of the Louis C.K. directorial film Tomorrow Night

Saoirse Ronan
TBA: A review of the new Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel

Charlotte Gainsborough
TBA: A review of the new Lars Von Trier film Nymphomaniac: Part 1

TBA: A review of the new Pharrell album "G I R L"

TBA: A review of the new self titled St. Vincent album*

TBA: A review of the new Beck album "Morning Phase"*

*I am aware that I mentioned that I was going to review these in the February installment of Inventory, but has scheduling conflicts. Please consider that time is starting to clear up and these reviews will likely be up within the week.

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