Feb 1, 2014

Inventory: January 2014

Welcome to Inventory: a monthly column in which we take a moment to look back at the past few weeks and highlight articles that I have written that may be worth a second glance. From the archives of Optigrab, The Oscar Buzz, and CinemaBeach, the following is what I feel to be the Top 10 articles that I have written in any given month and feel the need to highlight. Also covered will be any known details on what will be coming up in the month ahead. So without further ado, let's take inventory and see what I have to say.

Left to right: Lena Dunham, Jon Glaser, and Gaby Hoffman
Source: Optigrab
Comments: With the return of the great Lena Dunham show, I am pleased to announce that this may be my favorite episode that the show has ever produced. It is at least one of the most fascinating portraits of grieving committed to TV in the current season.

Source: CinemaBeach
Comments: I had the honor of covering this year's Sundance and of every film that I saw, this one ranks as one of my personal favorites. It is a biting satire that feels important and I cannot wait until it gets distribution so that I can talk to someone else about it.

Jonathan Banks
Source: Optigrab
Comments: Community returns and while it has hit a roadblock with the current episode, it at least managed to have a fitting farewell to one of the most beloved characters on the show. This is as much an analysis of the show as well as thoughts on where the show could go with an integral member missing.

Source: CinemaBeach
Comments: As stated previously, I attended Sundance this year and decided to keep a diary of  my three days there, including one where I met one of my favorite critics: Matt Patches. The diary entries themselves are all worth reading, but this one features me at my stride and seeing greats such as Dear White People and Love is Strange.

Source: Optigrab
Comments: This is the start of a column that I hope to start running more regularly that highlights shows in the podcast realm that I feel are worthy of your time. Dave Hill's new WFMU show is particularly interesting, if just because of how similar and different it is to the Best Show, which it took the time slot from upon retiring it.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer
Source: Optigrab
Comments: In the young year, I have already found a lot of interesting shows worthy of my time, though less in the new category. Broad City may quickly evolve into one of my favorites with two funny leads and a lot of crass, fun humor.

Left to right: Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: The film itself has garnered its share of controversy and dissection in ways that make cinema feel exciting again. While I was initially disgusted about it, I have grown to accept that having a complicated relationship with a film would suggest that the film did its job effectively.

Jared Leto
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: While this had long been considered an acting threat at the Oscars, I am surprised by how effective it is as a film. While it is flawed, it is a film that feels important and addresses the subject matter in exciting and thought provoking ways.

Source: CinemaBeach
Comments: Of every film that I saw at Sundance, this is one that I want more people to hear of, if just because it seems like very few people care about foreign films that much. It is a challenging, immersing film that continues to prove why Norway is a promising country for cinema that is both bleak and almost as modern as the American counterparts.

Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: As you are likely to have figured out, I love the Oscars and reading the nominations is a moment of anticipation and excitement. These are both my initial responses as well as my predictions for where the race could go and who should have been there with it.

What to Expect: February 2014

Joaquin Phoenix
Coming Early February: A review of director Spike Jonze's film Her

Left to right: Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet
Coming Early February: A review of director Jason Reitman's film Labor Day

Coming Saturday, February 1: A new TV Rewind series on Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain

Left to right: Woody Harrelson and McConaughey
Coming TBA: A Channel Surfing column on the HBO drama series True Detective

Coming TBA: A CD review of the new Beck album "Morning Phase"

Coming TBA: A CD review of the new St. Vincent album "St. Vincent"

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