Dec 29, 2013

Listmania: Inventory of 2013 (Part 2 of 2)

It has been quite a year with a lot of great pieces. The following is a two-part entry into the Listmania series that compiles my thoughts for what were the best things I wrote in the past year. This includes work that has appeared on Optigrab, The Oscar Buzz, CinemaBeach, and Films with Friends and covers film analysis, TV recaps, and a few ventures into literature. While there is a lot of other great material, here are a few that when looking back on the year, these stand out as having a little something extra and are worth giving a look. Hopefully you enjoy them as well.

Joaquin Phoenix
Source: Optigrab
Comments: Not only is it one of my most viewed and commented on posts, but it is also my personal favorite thing that I have written in 2013. The analysis may be in need of some updating and be a little screwy, but the overall concepts I feel reflect a personal understanding of the film that may not be entirely correct, but reflects some strong symbolism.

Daniel Day Lewis
Article: Reasons Why Daniel Day Lewis Doesn't Deserve A Best Actor Statue
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: While Daniel Day Lewis is deserving in his praise as one of the best actors of the modern era, his performance in Lincoln wasn't one of them. This is a look at why this isn't an insult against the actor, but more a look at people's views being somewhat jaded by his legacy.

Forrest Whitaker
Source: Optigrab
Comments: In one of the dumbest reasons for a film to change it's name, I decided to do research behind why The Butler added Lee Daniels to the title. The results were absolutely baffling since nothing gave reason to believe that the 1916 short posed any threat and anyone choosing to question this isn't all that smart since the 1916 one isn't even available for viewing.

Left to right: Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: I do believe heavily in Oscar Bias and this post is a testament to my theory on why Saving Mr. Banks will slide on its appearance of so many Academy Award references. I am also proud of this piece because it was referenced by the New York Times upon initial release.

Left to right: Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston
Source: Optigrab
Comments: It has been quite a year of counting down the farewell to the great drama Breaking Bad whether it be fan videos or recaps on every episodes. This is the final farewell to the series that goes into large detail over why the show is so successful and is bound to go down as one of the greatest series in TV history.

Source: Optigrab
Comments: The Great Gatsby, the film, is highly underrated yet the soundtrack has received an undeserving amount of praise. While this is mostly a tirade against the problematic choice to have Jay-Z curate the soundtrack, this is mostly a look at why the music itself doesn't work at all out of context.

Michelle Williams
Source: The Oscar Buzz
Comments: Breaking character from typical coverage on The Oscar Buzz, I take some time to introduce the readers to who I am by highlighting the directors who debuted post-2000 that I feel are great and will have large potential in the years ahead. The list hopefully will give some insight into who I am as well as give you people that are worth checking out whether they be more mainstream or foreign directors.

Kristen Bell
Source: Optigrab
Comments: While there is some sincerity in this piece, the piece was initially written as satire out of boredom and growing disinterest in cult shows using Kickstarter to create movies, specifically Veronica Mars. There is plenty of sincere selections, but a lot of them should obviously be viewed as jokes that are reflective of a level of satire that even I don't get.

Sutton Foster
Source: Optigrab
Comments: It is easily one of my favorite shows from 2012 that I caught up with this year and sadly didn't come in time to keep it from being cancelled. What the one season of the series leaves behind is full of some of the best shot camerawork and choreography mixed with great dialogue that no shows have matched and reflects my confusion for why this show was pulled so soon.

Source: Optigrab
Comments: In honor of Easter, this post was written sort of as a gimmick to highlight the various forms of rabbits in the pop culture lexicon ranging from movies to books to educational video games. It is a list that has surprisingly only gotten more popular in the months following its release and will hopefully lead to similar posts in the future.

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