Jun 14, 2010

The True Blue "The A-Team" Movie Review

It must be summer time, because the remakes are-a-popping. Remember The Karate Kid? There's been a remake of that with Jackie Chan... with a mustache! There's even sequels galore with Tou Story 3 and Iron Man 2. Anyone who says they are burned out on unoriginal concepts from the past sure deserve a high-five. Don't worry, kiddos... Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is only two months away.

Until then, we'll settle for a remake of the classic TV show, The A-Team. Remember the show? The cheesy plot lines, the epic action sequences, the "how is it not from the 80's?" feel. Even if all you remember is Mr. T or the theme song, everyone knows what the A-Team was.
In this edition, let's introduce the replacements:
Liam Neeson IS Hannibal!
Rampage Jackson IS B.A. Barracus!
Bradley Cooper IS Face!
Sharlto Copley IS Murdock!
If you think the over exaggerated introduction is too much, just go ahead and skip this movie right now. The introduction of each character manages to capture that thrill the original show had by making every character seem more important than they were. However, once they proved why we should care about them, it ended up creating one decent action movie with some brains.
While it fell into several action movie cliches, it did spice things up with the old school sensibilities of the show by adding quirky takes on heavy artillery falling from the sky and even the most accurate take on 3D to be featured in a big budget movie.
The cast clearly has chemistry and they seem to be having a great time. However, no one seems to be doing more so than the talented District 9 star Sharlto Copley, whose embodiment of the lunatic Murdock cooks up dinner and a round of jokes to balance any bad taste left in your mouth. In a short span of two movies, Copley has managed to break out in one of the more promising futures for an Africa=born actor.
There's plenty of thrills from beginning to end and the plot set ups are ingenius, however, it still manages to fall under action cliches and the results are a little muddled. Sure, the villain (Hard Candy's Patrick Wilson) manages to be menacing, but is little else in the terrifying department.
If you want a decent afternoon, go ahead and watch The A-Team. It isn't amazing, but it isn't terrible either.

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