Feb 15, 2010

Empire Records

I recently saw "Empire Records" for the first time. It was not a spectacular movie in any ways. A critic on Rotten Tomatoes called it a "poor man's 'Clerks'." I just saw it as another teen comedy, but a more professional, sincere one than most tripe passing for teen comedies these days.
The soundtrack was mediocre, compiling everything I recognize from KROQ's 90's Flashback weekend and the characters are all so-so.

I saw the movie in two halves, and when I thought back on the first half, I really thought that the characters were genuine. To some extent, I still think that way, but the bad writing can't really save me from calling this a favorite. I mean, Renee Zellweger looks more like Joey Lauren Adams than what we would later know her for.
But then there's the one element that saves the movie for me... Liv Tyler.
The same Liv Tyler who would later rock the "Lord of the Rings" and "Reign Over Me" movies. I think she's attractive, but her performance in this movie is superb to everyone else that she seems to casually drag them up with her in every scene. Not only that, but it's possible that her ensemble gave her a forbidden sexuality with most of the male audience. Jail bait!
So why did I write this post? Probably just to say that Liv Tyler definitely had a promising career from the start, stripping for Aeros
mith and doing this movie, which pretty much showcases her ability to look over angst and into a person we can see as human and not self-indulgent.
I can't say I am a massive fan of Tyler. There are other contemporaries I prefer over her .
But it's my post and I'll post what I want to.
As a writer, I feel my audience has been dying to hear more from me, and I just haven't kept up on my end of the bargain. I promise soo
n to have another movie review up for everyone to read (maybe "An Education"), Until then, here is another Liv Tyler picture:Ahh... memories. I actually remember when that movie was in theaters.

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