Jan 10, 2017

An Open Letter From Optigrab

Scene from Taboo
As I have done from time to time - which seems to be a little more frequently right now - I have to announce an apology that I am busy. In all honesty, the holidays consumed more of my time than I had initially expected. While Listmania proved to be a big success, I found other aspects of my writing regiment falling by the wayside. It has left me realizing that what I need to do is publicly announce what the new version of Optigrab will look like in 2017. To be honest, it won't look too different. I will still be the sole writer of this website and I hope to give great criticism and insight that will keep you coming back. However, not everything will be coming with me. A few columns will be disappearing. I will explain more after the jump.
As I have mentioned before, life has been hectic for me. I am currently starting my next semester of school, and the general understanding is that I will be considerably busy with homework and studying. This means that I will be cutting back on regular content. However, that doesn't mean that I will be doing worse than what I have been doing in recent weeks. I simply will apply stricter rules on what I do write. Unfortunately, Optigrab will be hit harder, especially as it has already seen columns that I did like doing - specifically TV Recap - disappear entirely. To be honest, it has helped me personally to focus on other areas of importance, and now I will cut out another portion of clutter in hopes that better content will rise in its place.
For starters, I am going to officially cancel Alternative to What. While the column is fun to try and figure out which movies to see, it has become tedious in part because of its inessential nature to modern conversation. It may be short, but I have grown weary of covering it. I also will be cutting out regular coverage of Trailing Off. However, it won't be going away in spirit. Whenever a good pop culture trailer comes out, there are odds that I may revive Trailing Off sporadically. It won't be weekly, but it will pop up whenever a trailer of note occurs. That means that you may be seeing a few of them per week sometimes.
Otherwise, I also want to admit defeat and say that my goal of writing two additional pieces a week has largely failed. I do intend to at least do one inspired by recent events, though I cannot claim to have it set to a specific date. Now that I have free time on the weekend, there are odds that I will be doing them there. If noting else, you can expect to see more quality writing over at The Oscar Buzz (link in sidebar), where I am currently most consumed with right now. I will also still review content that I think is interesting.
For starters, I want to thank everyone who has been supportive and has made my overall output more successful. The high page count views are encouraging, and it makes my transition to writing less content (but not with less thought) a little easier to come to terms with. For now, I hope this alteration won't be too tumultuous to readers. I hope it works out and that everything goes as it should. I think it's best that this happens, as I have already shown some signs of being unable to keep up. It isn't from lack of care, but that my life has many focuses right now. Thank you for your understanding and I will be writing again soon.

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