Feb 27, 2014

TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "The Apartment"

Andy Samberg
Welcome to a weekly recap of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is one of the funniest and freshest new comedies currently airing on TV. Follow us every Thursday as we break down the episode into all of the important beats from the plot to character moments that are worth giving another shout-out. With an all-star comedy cast, this recap series will hopefully give you the information you need as well as reason to watch Fox on Tuesdays.

Crime of the Week: Peralta (Andy Samberg) is risking being kicked out of his apartment because he is unable to pay the bills.

Peralta Problem: With his apartment in limbo, Peralta seeks help from Gina (Chelsea Peretti) in order to find an alternative place and way of living.

Left to right: Melissa Fumero and Terry Crews
Subplot of the Week: With Holt (Andre Braugher) doing self-evaluations, Santiago (Melissa Fumero) attempts to figure out what her weaknesses are in order to pass.

Joe Lo Truglio
Best Joke: While bonding over the disapproval of a coworker, Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) and Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) decide to fill his locker with shaving cream and hair. This quickly backfires when they discover that the coworker has had a lot of personal problems and forces them to clean up their mess fast. This includes a lot of the hair getting stuck on or ingested by Boyle.

Chelsea Peretti
Culprit: With some clever thinking, Gina decides to become a landowner in order for Peralta to keep his apartment.

Left to right: Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller
Resolution: Peralta gets to keep his apartment, thanks to Gina. Santiago passes her self-evaluation by being overtly honest about her flaws. Diaz and Boyle bond over the prank and admit that they would be fine being friends with each other.

Verdict: Another solid episode of the precinct working together and solving their problems. I think the idea of mixing up the cast is continuing to work its magic, though it is debatable how much longer the mix-ups could work. This time, we finally get Boyle and Diaz together, but not on a date as many would have predicted in the first episode. Instead, they bond over harassing coworkers and having to restructure their plan when new details come to light. On the flip side, having Gina and Peralta work together leads to more interesting territory. It is a little hard to see them as childhood friends by how little they have worked together in episodes prior, but the payoff is worth it. It almost feels like Gina works best against Peralta because her occasional loopy behavior doesn't quite come off as absurd. She seems mature around him, and that is a relief. Another solid episode that explores the precinct's dynamics and another reason that this series is off to a strong start.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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