Jan 29, 2014

TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "The Bet"

Left to right: Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg
Welcome to a weekly recap of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is one of the funniest and freshest new comedies currently airing on TV. Follow us every Thursday as we break down the episode into all of the important beats from the plot to character moments that are worth giving another shout-out. With an all-star comedy cast, this recap series will hopefully give you the information you need as well as reason to watch Fox on Tuesdays.

Joe Lo Truglio
Crime of the Week: Not really a crime, but upon getting his Medal of Valor, Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) throws a celebration party.

Left to right: Samberg and Fumero

Peralta Problem: After holding a bet to see who could bring in more criminals, Peralta (Andy Samberg) forces Santiago (Melissa Fumero) to go on the worst date of her life with him.

Left to right: Andre Braugher and Truglio
Subplot of the Week: During the celebration, Holt (Andre Braugher) begins to talk to Jeffords (Terry Crews) and his wife Sharon (Merrin Dungey) about Terry's courage only to find out that Sharon thinks that Terry hasn't been active.

Left to right: Terry Crews and Merrin Dungey
Best Joke: As the night progresses, Holt tries to switch wording up to make Jeffords' situation sound more plausible. Things begin to build up until Holt sends Sharon into a panic for not wearing a vest. It is at this moment that Holt decides to back out of the conversation by faking a ringing cell phone.

Left to right: Fumero and Dirk Blocker
Culprit: There wasn't an actual culprit, but since Santiago was forced to go along on a date, she is the accused this week. From her uncomfortable dress to driving around in a car smelling of old cheese, she only has herself to blame for getting stuck in this situation.

Resolution: Peralta and Diaz's date goes better than expected. Thanks to Boyle and his insistence on spewing truths at inappropriate moments, he manages to fix Jeffords and Sharon's problematic evening for Holt. Boyle talks to Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) about how he admits that he didn't jump in front of her out of love, though he would like to go on a date with her eventually. 

Verdict: It isn't a particularly jam packed episode, but it does continue to play off of the characters' strengths. While Boyle is on the borderline of becoming a caricature of goofy do gooder, he does manage to have plenty of heart and redeems himself by being the hero of the episode. While it seems like Peralta is so cocky that he has bets with everyone, it feels like the one he shared with Santiago paid off in equally intriguing ways. However, Holt continues to be the surprise success of the show as the deadpan, serious character who when out of his element, makes situations worse. As a whole, this is an excuse for characters to get together and have some fun. It doesn't produce the most laughs, but as far as managing to stick into continuity, it is quite successful and makes the show's impact all the more investing. 

Also, kudos on it winning Best Comedy Series at the Golden Globes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5"

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