Jan 15, 2014

An Open Letter from Optigrab

To all of my readers, I have some unfortunate news. Well, it isn't unfortunate in the pejorative sense. I will be again taking a brief hiatus from this blog from January 15 through January 21. This is to compensate with a busy travelling schedule that is having me cover this year's Sundance Film Festival for the website CinemaBeach. I am excited to have this privilege and chance to get experience that will hopefully become a recurring thing. 
In terms of weekly columns, it will mean that a lot of shows will be doubled up in coverage upon my return. For instance, while I plan to cover Bob's Burgers for the week of January 12, the episode for the week of January 19 will not be up until the following week's column. It will be a difficult period of organizing when and where everything will be published, but in the meantime, let me remind you of what I have in store when I get back.

-Bob's Burgers will continue to run on Tuesdays.
-Brooklyn Nine-Nine will continue to run on Thursdays
-Thom Bitches About Community will continue to run on Thursdays

That is the continuing columns. In terms of new columns, I plan to add Girls back to the Friday time slot that it has been at for all of its TV Recap run. There will be an issue with the show releasing TWO episodes on the week of January 12, thus making the doubling up a little hard. I also hope to keep Channel Surfing pumping out entries for new and exciting shows (True Detective being a notable one) and I may even add more to the TV Recap season.
Most of all, feel free to revisit my back catalog of over 800 entries and feel free to also check out my CinemaBeach coverage as well as my work over at The Oscar Buzz, where I will be talking about this week's Academy Awards nominations in detail as well as some Golden Globe wrap-up coverage. 
I apologize for having to shut down momentarily, but this is a worthwhile opportunity. I will be back with new coverage in the weeks following the stay and hopefully get things back on track quickly. Thanks for continuing to read Optigrab and I hope that you take some time to read my back catalog or even my ongoing Sundance coverage.

*NOTE - This will be posted to the top of the page even after said articles are published.

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